Snubbing Unit

Snubbing Units for Live Well Intervention


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Snubbing Unit

What is a Snubbing Unit?

"Snubbing" is the process employed most frequently when heavy well intervention is required on oil and natural gas wells.  "Snubbing Services" with their "snubbing units" are deployed in the Upstream Oil and Gas industry on oil and natural gas wells when "heavy well intervention" is required. "Snubbing" requires a snubbing unit whereby tubulars can be installed or removed from " live" oil & gas wells operating under reservoir/formation pressure thereby saving time, money and possible damage to the reservoir.  The snubbing process involves the snubbing unit providing (hydraulic) pressure that forces drill-pipe to the bottom of an oil and gas well. A snubbing unit may also be referred to as a "hydraulic workover" rig.

A snubbing unit is used in oil and gas well interventions and can do everything a drilling rig can do "plus" - snubbing units can operate and function under well pressure (with blowout preventer closed keeping the reservoir's pressure contained/separate from snubbing unit operations) i.e. keep the well flowing, and not having to "kill" the well.  A snubbing unit is a hydraulic rig that can do everything a rig can do, plus it can perform under well (reservoir) pressure in "live" wells. By utilizing the snubbing units' hydraulic rotary, the snubbing unit can be used for multiple well operations.

Snubbing units' flexibility and ease of operation make snubbing units a preferred resource for the Upstream Oil and Gas industry. Snubbing units are used extensively for a wide variety of well operations, including:

Finally, another advantage that snubbing units provide include the ability to work on live wells without having to remove the Christmas tree from the wellhead.


Snubbing Unit

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Snubbing Unit

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Snubbing Unit

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